Give shape to your thoughts.

We make use of our overseas experiences, system development skills and experience of consulting service for both business and IT to give shape to your thoughts and ideas as a service.

Unfortunately even if you have a great idea or a noble mind in order to make the world a better place, unless you give shape to it and deliver it to people, it will be same as nothing.
And we have seen many such situations exist.

We are committed to provide a service related to the web which is a very important tool in this high-information society, all sorts of supports to solve various business issues.
In addition, we are operating “Oranda Club” web site in order to connect people with services and people with people.

Through these services, we would like to put your thoughts and ideas into practice and eventually contribute to solving social issues.

Our Service

Web Service

Our strengths are logical design what leads to increase sales and skill of both English and Japanese what promotes inbound and outbound business.


Provide consulting services such as new business launch, all sorts of planning, DX promotion, project management, advice for career development and so on.

Oranda Club

You can find tips for living in the Netherlands on the web site called “Oranda Club” and promote activities that support connections with various people.